The charity trip in Bu Gia Mup, Binh Phuoc province during the Mid-Autumn Festival left a deep impression in the hearts of each participant. This is a meaningful experience, an opportunity for Vinagreen Plus to feel, share and spread love to disadvantaged communities in rural areas. With a long way, the dirt trails are rocky. But all difficulties and fatigue became light upon arrival, in front of the warm welcome of relatives and the innocent smiles of the children.

Here, Vinagreen Plus had the opportunity to meet, talk and share joy with children. Mid-Autumn Festival for us is not only a holiday, but also a special day to show our love. We brought small gifts to give them. The joy on their faces when receiving gifts is really what makes us feel happier and happier. We are committed to doing more to build a stronger, happier and more prosperous community. As we left Bujiam, we brought precious memories and experiences with us.

We learned a lot about kindness, sacrifice and the true meaning of mid-autumn. This charity trip has created motivation to continue the charity journey, spread love and unite to build a better society.

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